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Pdf 4 Diplome Inter-Universitaire: Les Maladies Héréditaires du Métabolisme 2011-2012

Assurer une formation de base pour cliniciens ou biologistes sur les maladies héréditaires du métabolisme dans leurs aspects génétiques, physiopathologiques, diagnostiques et thérapeutiques. Ce diplôme comporte une option clinique et une option biologique. La formation théorique est commune, mais le stage sera fonction de l’option choisie.

Pdf 5 Metabolic Map
Designed by Donald E.Nicholson,The University of Leeds,England – and Sigma-Aldrich in collaboration with Mick Henderson,St.James’ Hospital,Leeds – and the UK MetBioNet Training Group

Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Pdf 1 EC4 European Syllabus for Post-Graduate Training in Clinical Chemistry. Version 2-1999
Bernard Bousquet et al

This Syllabus affords an overview of the fields in which the clinical chemist should be able to demonstrate knowledge and experience with regard to scientific, and clinical, and management and quality assurance aspects of the subject.

Pdf 2 The practice of Clinical Chemistry in the European Union
Gerard T. Sanders et al

Pdf 3 Higher Specialist Trainee LogBook
The National Metabolic Biochemistry Network and The Association of Clinical Biochemists

European Training Schemes for Scientists
Dr Mick Henderson, National Lead Trainer

Training Resources for Laboratory Scientists in
Biochemical Genetics